Many parties see journalism and social media as something that is currently popular and needs to be promoted. However, not everyone sees these two things as mutually beneficial. You can gather more info and enrich your knowledge by choosing some professionals, banker Perry Abbonizio for instance. Yes, it can be a good idea for you to first know all about him before going to gather info about online journalism and the use of social media to provide the news.

Is it true that social media will kill journalism? This is one of the questions that are being discussed in various forums. Perhaps you don’t know that many people want to understand and explore the relationship between these two things, trying to see the positive and negative relationships between journalism and social media. Social media that have emerged lately in forms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin are changing the journalism view, especially those involving the process of gathering news, making news, and distributing news.

In the process of gathering news, it seems like a common thing today if the “status” the famous people share in various social media can become material, which is then written in the mass media. Meanwhile, various “information” spread in social media networks is also often information that is then disseminated by mainstream mass media. What do you think about this?

In this case, citizen journalism has space for the news to spread. While in the process of making news, we now see that it has become something common when online media featuring journalism provides comments from readers of the news items they produce. Meanwhile, in the process of spreading the news, we see the variety of displays of social media used, both by the media itself and its readers, to continue the news that has been produced.