Home as a place to live as well as a place to store property and all our ownership. The comfort of our homes must be disturbed if there are people who have bad intentions by taking our possessions at home. Meanwhile, check out the recommended alarms 247 as well.

Some causes of theft include:

1. Houses left by residents to do activities

Often parents work outside the home and children go to school. A house left empty of its occupants while doing activities is the target of a theft syndicate.

2. The house is located in a skewer area

If by chance your house is in a strategic area. It’s easy to observe your family’s activities from various sides of the house. When you let your guard down a little, for example, the door to the house opens and you leave just like that. Then the opportunity could be directly exploited by thieves.

3. Thieves really want to steal in your home

Sometimes there is no need for an empty house to be targeted for theft. When your house looks luxurious enough or maybe you are seen as a rich person and the thief does have the intention to steal from your property. Another important thing for you to know is prevention efforts so that your home is safe from thieves.

Here are some ways to prevent a house from becoming lazy:

1. Lock the Door

Make it a habit to lock the door when you go out of the house or when you are in the back of the house and away from the entrance.

2. Using the five-point lock key

This key principle is to use one key so that several direct keys will be locked automatically. Suitable for use at your main door. With one key, the lock button on the top, side, side of the back, side down, and bottom of the door will immediately lock.

3. Do not leave the door lock under the mat

It is common knowledge, some people often do not want to carry the keys to the house and only leave the key under the mat or under the flower pot. Don’t do this.