By connecting wireless CCTV to a power source, wireless CCTV cameras can directly monitor the room via a smartphone. Usually, CCTV must be drilled, clamped and installed in a corner, this only requires one power model to standby, it doesn’t need a lot of cables. Placement can be anywhere, can be placed on a TV table, above the fridge or refrigerator and also in the corners of the room. In the meantime, you may also need to contact the experts of CCTV and Locksmith Dublin whenever you need to reevaluate the quality of your home security system Locksmith.

Cordless CCTV will be connected to users through an application that can be downloaded on the App Store, Play Store, and Windows Store so that users can monitor from anywhere via their mobile devices.

To connect with the user application, Cleverdog’s wireless cable-free CCTV comes in two variants, namely using Wifi, the other using Wifi and sim card. The wireless device of the CCTV camera is equipped with an SD Card up to 32GB which can be used to record for 7 days. some are up to 128GB, enough for 3 weeks to 1 month.

Not only that, Wireless CCTV is minimal, the cable is also equipped with infrared technology and 720HD technology so that it can capture images clearly and in dark conditions, as well as full duplex technology that allows users to conduct two-way communication.

Wireless CCTV can also be two-way communication, a kind of video call. From the application, you can see who communicates with us who is the premium variant. For ordinary variants can only communicate sound.

Clever dogs CCTV is also equipped with a motion sensor so that it can detect every movement in front of the camera and send a notification to the user’s smartphone.

The user can then activate the alarm because the device can also emit a siren alarm or dog sound.