In playing golf, we need some adequate golf equipment. Not only that but in playing it also requires techniques and a high enough concentration. Ben Crenshaw, a professional golfer who is now 64 years old, shares tips on putting and bunkers shoot. Quoting from Ben’s website, he explained how he could hit with “Keep it Smile” In the meantime, perhaps you also need to try playing golf at the best bangkok golf course.

According to Crenshaw, putting players must be comfortable and don’t think about anything. “Usually when I bow, I don’t think of anything, I play loose and comfortable,” Crenshaw said.

After that, the player must also pay attention to how close the ball is to yourself. “Actually there is no right or wrong way to stand up, but you still have to learn a good putter,” he said.

A right punch can be done if you hit with the right feeling and calculation. Don’t change the way you hit too often, this is done to get a strong punch.

In addition, adjust your punch tempo, whether it’s too fast or slow. This is very important for calculating how far the ball you hit.

If you see results, don’t worry about poor grades, always show calmness. “I will give a secret, even though I hit the putt pretty badly, but I keep the spirit to hit the ball again,” he said.

Bunker Shot

There is no reason at all to be afraid of a bunker punch! “I prefer to be in a bunker rather than playing around the green because the outcome is likely to be predictable.

Take the right posture, then open your legs a little wide this will provide the right strength to swing the stick to the ball. To swing the wrist, arms and shoulders must move perfectly.

After that, keep the knees bent, then use your ankles and knees to control the beats. Point the face of the stick to the ball, if the ball is not buried by sand try to hit it directly, do not dig the sand.

Now, let it swing your stick with a faster tempo than usual to take a place behind the ball that makes it easy for you to hit, speed up swing down.