Everyone who is undergoing marriage certainly does not want to be bothered by a tiring divorce process and wasting a lot of time. Many people will try their best to be able to maintain the integrity of their household. However, if divorce is the main road, then all you have to do is find the right lawyer services. One of the attorney services that you can use is divorce lawyer oklahoma city . With the right lawyer services, you can undergo a divorce case without any obstacles.

However, in the process of divorce, you certainly need to know that divorce is a long process and you cannot run it in a short time. Below are some reasons why the divorce process always lasts long.

1. The distance of residence of divorced parties
If one (husband or wife) is out of town, then this will affect the length of the trial process, because when sending a summons will ask for help from the local court at the residence of the husband or wife. A court call from the court requesting assistance and who helps with the call, sometimes using a mail delivery service. So, of course, it will depend on the distance between the two courts. Usually, at least 2 weeks to anticipate that calls can be delivered appropriately (at least 3 days before the trial).

2. The attitude and readiness of the parties
The trial process will also increase if the parties do not follow the trial properly. For example, when the trial agenda is an answer from the defendant, but on the day of the trial determined by the defendant does not bring the answer because it has not made or is not ready. So the panel of judges will postpone the trial, and continue next week.

3. The presence of parties
If all parties are present, then the trial process will be long, because there will be a process of answering after that there will be evidence from both parties. It is different if the defendant or the defendant is never present, or after mediation is never present again, then the trial will run relatively quickly, which is only about 2-3 times the trial.