Many students who feel they already know more, will underestimate the basic material. When you already know about Simple Present Tense, use TO BE in sentences and the addition of S / ES in verbs, never underestimate it when you get a question. When repeated many times, students who feel themselves smart are often bored. “It’s boring!” They said. Boredom makes you reluctant to learn English because it’s too easy. If you’re creative, in very easy and even trivial material, you can get an idea while maintaining enthusiasm. From the material, there will be unique questions such as why She / He / It becomes a group that uses Does for question sentences. In the meantime, you can also check out the a2 english test if you need to get the UK visa so you can live in the Kingdom with your family.

You can also test your level by making more complex sentences using To Be (is am are), not just SPO like you can compile more complex sentences like “I am a searching-for-the-truth learner who obviously loves knowledge. “

This positive attitude is far more useful than maintaining a bored attitude because it’s too easy.

Apart from that, I once communicated with a private employee who wanted to be proficient in English. He plans to take private lessons but is doubtful about a number of things.

He was worried whether the teacher could fulfill his needs and help him move from a situation of “not being able” to being “proficient”.

In addition, there is also a restaurant cashier who is worried whether he will be able to before he really starts.

Fear often becomes a burden. Fear of something always comes before something really happens. This is only natural.

However, do not let fear affect you. If fear has affected you, you will begin to feel that English is not your Passion because it is too difficult. What is feared comes true: you fail.

What are the tips for not worrying too much or not being too scared before starting?

Only one tip is Positive Thinking, positive thoughts or attitudes. Don’t look down on prospective teachers who will teach you and don’t lower your abilities. That way, you will enjoy each process better and become more proficient in foreign languages.