1. What results do you expect? Communication in the future too often concentrates on getting the proper words. Certainly, important words and become part of its process. However, the first question you have to ask yourself is, ‘What story do I want to sell?’ That is important and should be the starting point for the preparation of the next public speaking. Meanwhile, visit bloglingo.com if you wish to know more about popular speeches web affiliate.

2. Know who your audience is. Success in public speaking has a key knowledge to whom we will speak. Are those people who are older, younger, age, and what is their background? What conditions or emotions are built up? In an atmosphere of grief, happy, serious?

3. Position yourself in the audience’s perspective. Thinking from someone else’s perspective is indeed difficult. But acting more empathetically before delivering a message or material to an audience can provide deeper attention when you are speaking in public.

4. Use the use of sentences that are understood by the audience. One reason why Obama’s speech was so successful was that it was written and delivered in a language that his listeners could understand.

5. Give the right pause and emphasis. Obama isn’t in a rush during his speech. He waited for his audiences to digest and react to what he had said. And it gives a more meaningful meaning in the discussion that you convey in public.

6. Dress accordingly to the event. By dressing accordingly to the event, you can look elegant like Mr. Obama. It’s obvious that when he was still a president he has to attend a lot of formal events. From this, we can learn that he always tries his best to look professional and elegant whenever he has to deliver a speech to the audiences of a convention or other international events.