Prices of each type of carpet are relative. Some are expensive and some are cheap, according to the carpet material itself. Even so, if it is as expensive and cheap as any of the carpets, if the treatment is wrong, the carpet will be damaged quickly read this. Carpets that are not cleaned will become a nest of germs, the color will become dull, and musty smell on the carpet. Therefore, how to take care of carpets must be known by every homeowner. The following are the right ways to take care of your carpet even after you benefit from the presence of Tile Cleaning Northern Beaches.

1. Cleanliness
Try to clean the carpet as often as possible at least once a week. Use a vacuum cleaner to help clean dirt properly.

2. Washing
Wash your favorite carpet at least once every 3 months. Use special carpet soap. After washing dry the carpet to dry so as not to smell musty. For example, if you object or have difficulty washing your own carpet, use a washing service. Nowadays there are many washing services that offer carpet cleaning.

3. Position
Try to change the position of the carpet that is often used. This is so that the top of the carpet that is often stepped on or skipped becomes equal. You also should try to pay attention to the location of the window. Do not let the carpet position directly exposed to the sun. This will quickly fade the color of the carpet.

4. Ventilation
Besides changing the position of the carpet. Also, pay attention to the window or ventilation room. It aims to keep air circulation in the room well. Because the carpet is usually often a lot of dust.

5. Storage
Usually, the carpet that is not used will be stored. It’s not uncommon for people to store carpets by folding. Carpet should be rolled and coated with newspaper.

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