A healing method that focuses on the spine by hand without medication or surgery or chiropractic is not enough at all. This is so that the patient is completely recovered. Chiropractic therapy is like a rubber band that clogs the blood flow in our fingers. When one finger is pressed by a rubber band, what do you feel? will you go to a masseuse, do yoga, or take medicine? Surely all that can’t help. If you want to try chiropractic, the blockage can be overcome by an adjustment (therapy) that slowly opens the blockage. So our fingers are pressed or clogged with blood flow, can stretch again. Therefore, this therapy needs to be done regularly. Although usually at the first meeting of therapy many feel the results, actually it’s not yet at the stage of recovery. Do you determine which chiropractor santa monica you will visit to relieve the spinal pain or to get better posture of the body?

Therapy techniques or how long the healing period depends on the condition of the patient when he first arrived. Also from the age factor. Usually, children will recover faster than adults and the elderly. While under certain conditions, one can do as many as 36 visits. Even this is only for the treatment of correction not yet recovered. For example, the patient has certain conditions and he must take a program of 36 visits. It is divided into three times a week for four weeks, then after finishing it is continued twice a week for 6 weeks, and becomes once a week for 12 weeks. All of this will be noted later on the development based on the graph of the level of health and time. Well, after the first 12 visits, patients will feel the results are about 60-70 percent.

Although this therapy requires a relatively long time, if you just take the medicine continuously without finding the cause, of course, the drug will also cause side effects. While the pain experienced may be lost, but this is only temporary. Whereas if people want to repair their spine, they can feel healthy until old age.